My home is really old. Are you able to do the job without it costing too much?

Homes built in this area can be over 100 years old. They require knowledge and skills that can only be gained through years of experience of working in these homes. Our experience allows us to provide fair, competitive pricing without unexpected “additional costs.”

I have lath and plaster construction. Does that cost extra?

Lath and plaster is not a mystery. It is just an outdated type of construction that requires a certain set of cutting tools and experience. Just because you have a unique home it doesn’t mean that you need to pay more to fix problems.

What about landscape/outdoor lighting? Do you do that?

Outdoor lighting design is one of our favorite services to offer our residential and commercial clients. We feel that adding lighting to the exterior landscape design of a property not only provides additional usable space, it also brings that space into the evening hours and increases the amount of time the area can be used.

I've heard that whole house fans are costly and often quite loud. Is that true?

Actually, it’s just the opposite! Whole house fans have improved tremendously over the years. They are quieter than ever before and we can work with you to choose the most cost-effective solution for your home. Many installers will go with the “one-size-fits-all” method. We do not. Why? Because that often leads to energy inefficiencies and it can become costly to the property owner. As a qualified Quiet Cool Whole House Fan dealer, we take a very methodical approach to ensure that you get the right whole house fan for your space. We look at every aspect of the home before making a recommendation including the style and square footage of the home, roof style to assess ventilation needs, air movement calculations and more. To learn about our whole house fan installation service click here.

I'm an out of town property owner and my tenant has noticed a problem. Can you help?

Yes. We help maintain many rental properties here in town. We can work closely with you and your tenant to assess the problem and come up with the most cost-effective, long-term solution for the property.

I own a property that I'm looking to rent out. How do I know if the current electrical capacity is sufficient?

We offer a consultation service for new and potential rental properties that can help assess your needs as a property owner, as well as the needs of your soon-to-be tenants. Rental properties often come with a unique set of electrical specifications and, if neglected, they could become costly and even dangerous. Our technicians will take an in-depth look at the property and identify cost-effective solutions for the necessary fixes and updates to transition the property into a safe rental. Our goal is to offer proactive recommendations that can eliminate potential problems and create a harmonious owner/tenant relationship for years to come.

Do you clean up after you are done?

Of course! We train our electricians to observe the property before they begin work so that when they are done, everything is put back the way it was originally. At the very end of each project, after we’ve completed the work and we’ve put away all of our tools, we will walk back into your home for a final walk-through to make sure nothing is out of place. As a customer of ours, we want your final impression to be of something extra we did, not of something that we didn’t do. For every job we do, large or small, we want you to be fully satisfied with your investment.